Monday, August 17, 2009

2 new articles about play

Your Baby is Smarter Than you Think, an op-ed piece in Saturday's NY Times, reviews some recent research about how babies and young children explore, learn and play. The closing paragraph:

"But what children observe most closely, explore most obsessively and imagine most vividly are the people around them. There are no perfect toys; there is no magic formula. Parents and other caregivers teach young children by paying attention and interacting with
them naturally and, most of all, by just allowing them to play."

And last weekend: Children can learn valuable lessons from time spent at play. In the third column in her series about play, ProJo education columnist Julia Steiny goes to the zoo to learn from the animals (and their humans!) about the importance of play.

I love that the need for play is getting both national and local attention!

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