Thursday, March 11, 2010

A total Seuss-sation!

This post was contributed by AmeriCorps Museum Educator Kerrie Hoban, who helped plan last weekend's "Seussational!" program.

Oobleck is a green, flexible, malleable, pretend substance from Dr. Seuss’s book "Bartholomew and the Oobleck." If you made it to the Children’s Museum this past weekend you saw oobleck jump out of the storybook and into the curious hands of children.
Many visitors were left to wonder about the recipe used to make the oobleck* that day and it's quite simple, really…

1. Mix equal parts of water and glue in a bowl. (Optional: add food coloring to the mix.)
2. Fill a two liter soda bottle with ½ cup of borax (a cleaning solution).
3. Fill the soda bottle halfway with water.
4. Mix the bottle until the borax dissolves.
5. Add the borax solution slowly to the water/glue mixture with an eye dropper. Make sure to continue mixing.
6. When there is a small amount of liquid left in the bowl, rinse off the oobleck and manipulate it with your hands.
7. PLAY!!!
Over all it was very exciting to be involved in the planning of "Seussational!" and even more exciting to see how engaged the visitors were. Children and adults alike joined in the fun of making a red top hat or paper puppet creatures, and all the while stories and rhymes could be overheard coming from the book nook. With over a third more of the visitors than last year's Seuss day, it was a total SEUSSESS! Thanks to everyone who participated and made it magical!
*This recipe is technically for good old goo or slime, called oobleck for this program. What's officially known as oobleck is just a cornstarch and water mixture - one part water to up to two parts cornstarch.
Learn more about the Seuss-themed fun in this playful Providence Journal article - a perfect tribute to Dr. Seuss!

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