Thursday, May 20, 2010

Field Trips – Not Just For Kids!

This post, about a recent staff field trip, was shared by Carole Ann Penney, assistant to the director of education.

Here at Providence Children’s Museum, we’re used to groups of kids arriving on school buses, excited to play and learn. But a few weeks ago, it was our turn! A big yellow bus pulled up and a group of 30 staff and AmeriCorps members loaded up for a field trip of our own.
We made the three-hour drive up to the Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, Vermont. Montshire is a hands-on museum with exhibits that focus on the natural and physical sciences, ecology and technology. We explored their engaging exhibits and nature trails and met with staff members to learn more about the museum’s programs, environments and audience.

All of our staff love a good chance to:

Play and learn (of course)!

Get new ideas and inspiration for how to engage visitors.

Get a look at what other museums are working on.

Learn about how other museums design and maintain their exhibits.

And with our two new learning environments opening in The Children’s Garden soon, we especially enjoyed exploring their outdoor exhibits and trails, designed to get kids to play and discover outside!

All and all, it was a day of learning, fun and inspiration. Thank you, Montshire!

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