Friday, June 4, 2010

Underland Under the Admissions Desk

This post was contributed by AmeriCorps member Kevin Broydrick.

As the Museum buzzes with excitement about the upcoming opening of Underland and The Climber, our two newest exhibits, the Admissions Desk display case also got an overhaul this week when a new display designed by AmeriCorps outreach members Andrew Winecke and Shannon Stad was installed. The display is themed around the subterranean setting of Underland.

“We wanted people to get excited about Underland as soon as they walked through the door,” Andrew said. “This display case is the first thing people see as they come in and it was a good opportunity to extend the theme of the new exhibit into the Museum itself.”

The display features a simulated underground landscape, complete with the critters that inhabit it. From ants to centipedes, it showcases some of the crawlers that make the subterranean setting of our newest exhibit their home.

“We’re really psyched about Underland,” added Shannon. “We’ve watched it all come together over the last few months and it looks so great.”

The case will be on display for the next several months and Underland and The Climber open to the public next Friday, June 11!


Lindsay said...

This looks great! I love the different materials that you used. What is the beehive made out of?

Carole Ann said...

It's a REAL beehive! There's a wonderful mix of real things - real dirt, grass, the beehive, the tree trunk, and constructed things - the caterpillar, the bees, etc. Isn't it gorgeous!?

Lindsay said...

No wonder it looked so realistic. It is indeed gorgeous! I wonder if in person kids can tell what materials are real and which ones are not? That might be a fun game to play while waiting for your grownup to pay for admission!