Friday, March 11, 2011

Tea Party!

Last week, a delightful new tea party scene arrived in our marionette case, courtesy of AmeriCorps Museum Educators Rachel Schwartz and Lyndsey Ursillo. They described their inspiration as they worked with the Museum’s collection of Huestis marionettes:

“After first looking at all of the marionettes, amazed by their detail and beauty, we decided that our theme needed to be whimsical and fantastical.

We loved the animals, especially the monkey, and we also knew that we wanted to have a very lively and child-friendly scene. That is when we came up with the tea party idea because where else can you have a camel, a monkey, a bear and a giraffe sipping tea while a ballerina dances along a fence?

It was a pleasure playing with this idea and bringing Betty Huestis’s marionettes to life in a magical way!”

Stop by for a sip of tea next time you’re at the Museum! Click here to learn about our previous marionette displays.

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