Monday, April 18, 2011

THANK YOU to Our Volunteers!

Last week was National Volunteer Week, and the Museum celebrated with a special volunteer recognition board and festive dress-up days, planned by AmeriCorps Museum Educator Julie Burkhard.

Below, some volunteer facts and quotes compiled by Julie:

Did you know...?
  • Museum volunteers gave 11,698 hours of service in 2010 alone
  • The Museum has volunteers ranging from 1 - 69 years young
  • The Museum currently has over 30 regular volunteers, not including college work-study students
  • The Museum would not be able to open its doors without volunteers
Why we volunteer...
“I love working with kids.”
–Claudia, Play Guide

“I like being creative, I like helping out, and I like having FUN!”
–Allyson, Graphic Design Intern

“Because I love children. Their positivity truly influences me! They are magical!”
–Rachel, AmeriCorps Museum Educator

“As an AmeriCorps volunteer, I am able to do satisfying work, have fun, and be inspired every day by the children, by the professional staff, and by my fellow AmeriCorps volunteers.”
–Bonnie, AmeriCorps Museum Educator

“Because I love to make kids smile.”
-Amy, Education Intern

“We volunteer for a few reasons. We wanted to give our daughter a better connection to other children in the community, since she is getting older. We want her to understand volunteerism and what it means to give back to others. And we wanted to play at the Museum more! This gives us time as a family to focus on each other, as well as those around us."
–Amy, Family Volunteer
Why the Museum appreciates its volunteers...
“I love the fact that volunteers are here at the Museum because they choose to be. And (a big AND) we could not take care of our visitors without them!”
–Mary, Early Childhood Programs Coordinator

"Our volunteers are the BEST! I love their playful spirit and that we hear from visitors again and again how memorable our Play Guides and desk staff are!
–Carly, Education Programs Coordinator

"Volunteering is not easy. You must have a big heart and willing to serve people without expecting anything in return. That's why we love volunteers, because they are a special kind of people."
–Diana, Experience Coordinator

"Museum volunteers share their passion for play. They make exhibits and programs even more fun!"
–Cathy, Director of Education
“They remind me of how amazing it is to give your time to something you really enjoy, and this place couldn’t run without them!
–Lyndsey, AmeriCorps Museum Educator

“They help us ensure a quality experience for everyone who enters our building.”
–Joanna, Communications & Membership Assistant

“I enjoy chatting with the volunteers and saying hello when they are coming in to start their day with us. Thanks for the smiles!”
–Shannon, Visitation Specialist with Families Together

“They are ALWAYS willing to help!”
–Barbara, Office Manager

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Kate said...

A huge thank you to Providence Children's Museum Volunteers for all that they do and another huge thank you to Julie for devoting herself to recognizing their hard work and playful spirits!