Thursday, July 21, 2011

All Aboard! (Part I)

Two new train-themed displays recently arrived at the Museum!

In the lobby, AmeriCorps Museum Educators Dylan Joy and Sam Ratcliff sent an Amtrak model train traveling through some curious scenes. Dylan described their inspiration:

"We both enjoy traveling, different landscapes, different cultures. We attempted to create the sensation/phenomenon that occurs while traveling (on a train, in an automobile, by foot, on a bike, etc.), when the traveler is exposed to a new world, a new landscape, a new feeling.

In our scenes, the train goes from an ordinary town scene through a portal into a world that is unknown: one of large ants, worms, spiders, and flowers that dominate the landscape. It speaks to the possibility of discovering a new world after going through a tunnel or around the bend."

Up next, learn about the Limerick Train that just pulled into the atrium walkway!

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