Friday, September 2, 2011

Traffic Report!

This post was contributed by Museum Executive Director Janice O’Donnell

A rainy day in August. Vacations are winding down, camp is over, school hasn’t started, the beach isn’t an option = the busiest day at the Children’s Museum all summer. Almost 1,500 visitors converged at the same place on the same day. A lot like highway rush hour (only it’s more like six hours) – we need traffic reports!

They might go something like this:

"Movement through the time tunnel is sluggish due to a twin-sized stroller blocking the way near the packet ship... A collapsed block tower is impeding traffic in Shape Space, where construction is underway... There's a long line at the Littlewoods slide due to a toddler at the top who isn’t sure he wants to slide down, but Play Guides have arrived at the scene... There is also considerable congestion on the stairs, due to a recently arrived camp group. Please seek an alternative route if you’re headed to the first floor. 

It’s smooth sailing in Water Ways; that accident we told you about earlier has been mopped up... Looking at conditions in The Children’s Garden: traffic is flowing freely in The Climber as well as in the Underland burrows... Use caution, however, near the sand pit. Residue from an earlier mishap involving an overturned bucket is causing slippery conditions and Play Guides are sweeping the area." 

Editor's note: This playful post appears on the third anniversary of this blog. Three years and nearly 25,000 visits – thanks, everyone!


Anisa said...

3 years?? Wow - time flies. Congratulations on creating another great way to engage with the community and give us a behind the scenes look at what goes into something as simple as 'Play"!

Kass E said...

Janice is silly and I love it!!! lol