Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shape Shifting

Last week brought some updates to our Shape Space environment that will help us test ideas for a new exhibit on geometry and spatial thinking to open late next year.

Look for these changes next time you visit the Museum:
  • A new geoboard activity table featuring three different boards – each with a unique distribution of pegs – and a variety of sizes of colorful rubber bands. School-age kids stretch the rubber bands around the pegs to create shapes, patterns and designs.
  • A new magnet wall and vibrant magnetic shapes. Use the four different shapes to make tessellating patterns and more.
  • And an expanded block building area.
Here are some images of the process and results:

RISD intern Kirsten cut out stacks of magnetic shapes.
Exhibit Designer Chris and Exhibit Technician Hillel installed the magnet wall
and then tested it out by making some amazing designs!
The geoboards in place.

Up next, watch for new labels with a geometry/spatial thinking focus that give parents and caregivers prompts and questions to encourage them to notice, appreciate and enhance their kids' play – similar to labels in Play Power and Water Ways – as well as more books, including some about the power of block building.

Let us know what you think!

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