Monday, March 26, 2012

Word Play

Children’s Museum visitors will also discover Word Play, another exciting new display in the atrium walkway window boxes. Created by artist Lee Singer of Wakefield, RI, charming clay critters in clever scenes convey funny puns and idioms. Families delight in finding a bowling fish (“fishbowl”), a bathing pig (“hogwash”), a spelling bee and more.

The exhibit unites two hobbies Singer has enjoyed since the age of 9: word play and clay play. She crafted an array of creatures from polymer clay, a material she has worked with for 25 years, and selected the most visual options for display – the ones she thought would be the most fun for kids and adults to decipher together.

To create environments for her creatures, Singer relied on a variety of techniques. Some scenes include polymer miniatures, some are hand drawn or use handmade papers, and many incorporate recycled materials from her collection of scraps and leftovers. Singer’s partner – woodworker Adam Levinson – also fabricated some of the tiny props.

Describing her inspiration for the critters and scenes, Singer cited author and illustrator Edward Gorey and her 4th grade teacher, who encouraged her to figure out and draw plays on words.

Singer’s favorite scene is kitty litter – some very messy cats surrounded by their garbage!

Singer, an ER/trauma nurse at South County hospital, crafts a number of other items from polymer clay, including jewelry, beads, ornaments and knitting needle finials. She has displayed her work at various craft shows but this is her first museum exhibit.

Check out Word Play, on view through mid-June, and see if you can puzzle out the puns!


Anonymous said...

What a fun and exciting exhibit. Great way for kids to think of words another way.

Marcia Goldberg said...

Wow, amazing stuff! You 2 are 2 talented 4 words!