Saturday, April 27, 2013

Volunteers Make a BIG Difference

Today marks the end of National Volunteer Week, a time to recognize the extraordinary individuals who enhance every aspect of the Museum’s work. We simply could not open our doors without the support of our committed team volunteers.
Did You Know?
In 2012, 274 dedicated volunteers, interns and work-study students collectively served more than 12,300 hours.  Volunteers guide inspiring play and learning experiences and greet visitors at the Admissions Desk and Gift Shop each day.  Behind the scenes, they complete research and evaluation projects, assist with fundraising events, prepare mailings, and much more.
This week, Museum staff showed their appreciation with a game night, ice cream and festive dress-up days, planned by AmeriCorps Museum Educator Jack Read. Jack also created a special volunteer recognition board to give staff an opportunity to share why they value our volunteers:

"The interns in our program are responsible, reliable and passionate about working with at-risk families.  Some have stayed on for full-time positions, which shows how much they care."
Heidi Brinig, Families Together Program Director
"Our volunteers, interns and work-study students vary in age, ethnicity, where they’re from.  They bring their life experience, which enriches our visitors’ experience."
Jennifer Laurelli, Director of Development

"We’ve had a great group of exhibit interns.  They help us create our new play environments and provide us with so much new energy."
Robin Meisner, Director of Exhibits

"Whether they are playing a game, reading a story, or talking with other volunteers and staff, their smiles and their love for the Museum are contagious.  I appreciate the joy volunteers bring to the Museum, not only for visitors, but for staff as well."
Julie Burkhard, Volunteer & AmeriCorps Coordinator

Many thanks to our remarkable team!  Click here or contact Julie Burkhard to learn about our volunteer opportunities.

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