Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spot the Robot

Spot the Robot, a charming new display created by AmeriCorps Museum Educators Amanda Nico and Ryan Peters, invites visitors to peer into the atrium walkway window boxes to discover Robbie the Robot’s mischievous after-hours Museum explorations.

Ryan: We wanted to tell a simple story: we follow the robot on his adventure through the Museum at night, but kids also get to watch the Museum collections come to life and interact with one another.

Amanda: Creating the boxes was a lot of fun and I found myself really inspired by different exhibits when making my boxes. I'm also really happy that we found a way to display so many collections items that guests would otherwise never see.

Robbie masquerades as a marionette.
Ryan: I wanted to create scenes that conveyed movement and I also tried to pack tons of detail into each box, to give the sense that even after you've found the robot there are still little things that bring you back to the box and keep it fresh.

Robbie's hands-on exploration of art materials in Discovery Studio.
The boxes are paired with a hunt challenging visitors to follow the clues to spot the robot in each scene. They’ll be on display for a few months, so check them out on your next visit!

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