Friday, September 6, 2013

A PlayFULL Summer at the Parks

This spring and summer, the Museum brought unstructured play to Providence parks for a second year, taking Imagination Playground blocks, fort building and other open-ended fun with loose parts to neighborhoods across the city.  Even though the weather wasn’t as cooperative as we’d have liked, we provided creative play experiences for 930 kids and family members, thanks to the support of the Providence Department of Parks and Recreation and the Partnership for Providence Parks.
We saw kids do some pretty incredible things and captured some of our favorite playful moments.

Imagination Playground blocks were a big hit, as always.
This giant structure was a tremendous collaborative effort.
 Adding loose parts created even more opportunities for play.
This grandma and grandson build a steep ramp and took turns rolling and catching balls. Much chasing and giggling ensued!
We also provided wood working with real tools, stick structures with dowels and rubber bands, and Rigamajig – a set of boards, pulleys, wheels, nuts and bolts that inspire creative construction.
This girl spent over two hours thoughtfully building an elaborate house. She draped it with fabric and added a doghouse. Though she welcomed construction help from other kids, when it was time to take it apart, she insisted on doing it ALL by herself.
This family with older kids approached reluctantly, skeptical about playing. But hours later, they were still busy building and rebuilding their house – here dad prepares the curtains!
This tiny teepee was barely built for two!
Cardboard was a hugely popular play material.
This cardboard dwelling – colored inside and out with chalk – had a fabric “carpet” and constantly changing occupants.
This box was occupied by one of its territorial “owners” for well over two hours!
We saw A LOT of inspired fort building with cardboard, dowels, fabric and more.
and MORE forts!
Thanks to our caped play crusaders and to everyone who played with us this summer!

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