Saturday, April 12, 2014

Talking Back: Play Guide Andrea Wilson

Andrea Wilson has volunteered nearly 900 hours over the past four years.

What’s your background?
I have a bachelor’s degree in communications and worked in insurance for 25 years in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  I was thinking about a career change to teaching and looking for volunteer opportunities to fill my time, which led me to the Museum. 

What have you gotten out of the experience?
It’s a great opportunity to learn after not working with young children in quite some time. I’ve seen that I really have a special connection to children. It’s a great place to volunteer. I love the way the volunteers are supported, that they have training, that there are people around to ask questions. I think it’s a wonderful model for other agencies that work with a lot of volunteers.

What’s your favorite exhibit to play in?
Littlewoods.  Up to age 4, you really get to see the child’s personality develop.  But they all have something special and unique.  There have been so many changes in the time that I’ve been at the Museum – the outdoor space, Discovery Studio, ThinkSpace.  And of course the little changes like the window boxes in the ramp are so great.

What do you enjoy most?
Helping a child up the ladder in Littlewoods for the first time.  The parents hover, not sure if their child can do it, and encourage the child up the ladder.  The child gets to the top with a smile so bright, and then goes down and back up again and again.  I love to see a child so full of joy each and every time.

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