Monday, November 30, 2015

Support Recess for Rhode Island

The Museum is proud to be a founding collaborator of Recess for Rhode Island, a coalition of organizations and individuals advocating for a statewide recess policy that:

  • Recognizes that children’s self-directed free play is essential to their cognitive, physical, social and emotional health and well-being.
  • Provides at least 20 minutes of recess – optimally 30-40 minutes – every day for all elementary school students (active outdoor play as often as possible).
  • Allows children to freely engage with each other and determine their own play, within reasonable boundaries, during well-supervised recess.
  • Stipulates that physical education class and mandated participation in adult-led sports and games, while also beneficial, shall not replace recess.
  • Prohibits denying recess to an individual student or a class as a disciplinary measure. 
  • Requires accommodations during recess for children with mental and physical disabilities.
  • Recognizes that for some children a supervised school setting is the only safe place self-directed play is available.
Visit to sign on to support a statewide recess policy that promotes time for play, and find resources and research about the importance of recess.

Also follow Recess for Rhode Island on Facebook for the latest recess news and updates.

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