Monday, October 31, 2016

Coming to RI: Bits and Pieces

Making an exhibit involves a TON of work over many months, both big projects and smaller supporting elements. Here’s a look at some of the Coming to Rhode Island details and “loose parts” the exhibit team has worked on along the way.

Crew member Mark and exhibit designer Chris cutting bricks from giant sheets of foam, which kids will use to add to the walls and arches in our replica of Fort Adams.

RISD student Julianna making an array of adorable tools – mallets and trowels – for kids to use in their brickwork.

Exhibit technician Ian painting a pig! Our porcine pal will overlook a small garden plot adjacent to the Fort, where visitors will be able to plant and harvest veggies like carrots and turnips.

Crew member Zach creating frames for an assortment of striking photos that will adorn the walls of the “Story Center.”

Chris building one of several pieces of furniture he has crafted for the exhibit – a field desk for the Fort Adams gallery that will house examples of documents and tools of the trade from the 1800s.

Newly installed flooring in the “Story Center,” in a vibrant palette that complements the freshly painted walls.

And not a small detail by any means, but the finished brick and stonework on our Fort looks absolutely amazing!

With just under two weeks to go until the opening weekend, the exhibit is moving along fast and furiously – check back for finishing touches and background stories.

Coming to Rhode Island is supported by The Children's Workshop Foundation; CollegeBound Saver; June Rockwell Levy Foundation; Murray Family Charitable Foundation; The Providence Journal Charitable Legacy Fund; Rhode Island Council for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities; The Ryan Family Foundation; and Nancy Smith Worthen, in memory of Margaret L. Worthen (as of October 11).  The Irish gallery was developed in collaboration with The Museum of Newport Irish History and the Fort Adams Trust.


Mother of 3 said...

Can't wait to see it all completed! I'm particularly looking forward to exploring Fort Adams with my boys since we just went on a field trip there last year. I love when they can connect our real life trips with their play!

Megan Fischer, Providence Children's Museum said...

That's terrific – we're excited to share the new gallery with you and your family.