Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes We Did!

Children's Museum Board, staff and supporters celebrated a major milestone last night: making the final payment on the Museum's mortgage. And the triumphant moment wouldn't have been complete without a mortgage burning! It was an amazing achievement for us and gratifying to know that we're strong and stable, and to look back at how far the Museum has come in its 32-year history – especially in the 12 years since we moved to Providence.

Audience members had tears in their eyes as Museum director Janice O'Donnell, Board president Carol Peterson, former Board president Betty Capozzi and Mayor David Cicilline spoke about the Museum's journey from Pawtucket to Providence and the efforts of the many people who have helped us succeed and grow.

And then a look to the future – two new exhibits planned to increase the Museum's play capacity in The Children's Garden and the capital projects goal of our Play Works Campaign for Kids within reach. To that end, Carol Peterson announced another major success: we just learned that the Museum was approved for a $150,000 challenge grant from the prestigious Kresge Foundation, which will help us meet our goal!

We have a lot of work ahead of us to make our goal and to continue serving our ever-growing audience – record numbers of visitors for 5 straight months! Times are hard right now, and it's clear that families need cheerful, playful places like the Museum more than ever.

Channel 10 covered last night's event - click here to see our mortgage burn!


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David Isenberg said...

Last night is more than an accomplishment - it should mark the beginning of a new chapter of growth and new committment to excellence.
We have much to be proud of.

Kris said...

Hi Janice,


I saw your wonderful smiling face on the news this morning.

The Children's Museum has the best Grandmother ever!