Monday, May 4, 2009

More to read about PLAY

Go Out and Play!, an article by Museum director Janice O'Donnell about the importance of outdoor play, was posted last week on Kidoinfo.

On Friday, a New York Times parenting blog featured this post about the role of parents in children's play.

And not too long ago in US News & World Report: 10 Reasons Play Can Make You Healthy, Happy, and More Productive.

Image credit: Valerie Haggerty-Silva


melissa said...

There was also a second New York Times article about play just the other day, discussing kindergarten, homework, and the developmental benefits of free play.

Here's the link:

Megan Fischer, Providence Children's Museum said...

Which follows up on the AMAZING work that the US Alliance for Childhood has been doing to restore time for play in kindergartens. See their report and other great resources on their website:

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