Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank you, MuseumCorps team!

This week is National AmeriCorps Week and we’re counting the reasons we’re thankful to have our 2008-2009 MuseumCorps team:

1. They’re committed to play and learning.
This year, 10 members made a year-long commitment to serve the Museum and the Providence community. They are dedicated to the MuseumCorps mission of instilling a lifetime love of learning in children, especially those whose exposure to rich educational experiences is limited.

When you visit, you’ll no doubt see at least one of them playing and engaging families in exhibits and programs. They know all the best tricks for exploring and experimenting throughout the Museum!
2. They extend the Museum’s mission to the community.
The team serves the Providence community by working with all 1,300 Providence Head Start/Good Start children, 300 kids from 14 inner-city community centers in after-school Learning Clubs, and 200 children in the after-school programs at Pawtucket Child Opportunity Zone.

MuseumCorps members also plan and lead workshops for teaching staff at all Providence Head Start centers and trainings about running science exploration activities for after-school program staff.
3. They’re a diverse and creative bunch.
This year’s team came to us with a variety of skills and experiences. They’ve done everything from working at an archaeological site and a gallery to teaching art classes, researching child language development, and serving with Habitat for Humanity.

Each member designs and develops activities to lead with children at their service sites and with families that visit the Museum. They’ve planned everything from a day-long celebration of Dr. Seuss to activities about hermit crabs and their habitats.
4. They enrich the Museum.
Team members take on special projects like creating public programs, conducting research, and beautifying the exhibits. This year, the entire MuseumCorps team worked together to create the Illustration Inspiration exhibit and got dressed up and into character to lead activities at 9 evening events for Cub Scouts, Brownies and Girl Scouts. Together, they helped 553 Scouts earn patches and belt loops.

They also help recruit, train, and recognize the amazing volunteers who keep the Museum’s doors open by staffing the exhibits, gift shop, and admissions desk.

5. We couldn’t live without them!

Over the course of 11 months, team members will serve over 17,900 hours. We are so grateful for their hard work, energy, enthusiasm, creativity and great ideas!

Interested in joining our AmeriCorps team? Contact Carole Ann Penney at (401) 273-5437 ext. 134 or

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Unknown said...

As director of the AmeriCorps program at the Museum, I already know how fabulous the MuseumCorps Members are and how much difference they make in the community. But today, I had TWO unsolicited compliments about team members. One from the Director of National and Community Service Programs at Serve Rhode Island and the other from the COO of Boys and Girls Club. (If only I could take all the credit!) Go team!