Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting in Costume

Like most of our exhibit props, the Museum's costumes live a tough but well-loved life, inspiring transformations for child after child who tries one on to become someone (or some animal) and taking weekly spins and tumbles through the washer and dryer.
It's always exciting to update costumes and introduce new ones. In Coming to Rhode Island, we knew it was time to make some beautiful new aprons to enhance children's roles as cooks and clerks in Fefa's Market, a 1961 Dominican bodega. We knew we wanted bright, friendly fabrics that boys and girls would enjoy that also suggested the style of the 60s. It made perfect sense to consult our skilled and talented Carole Ann Penney, who brought together her love of the Museum, fabrics, and sewing to craft aprons specifically with our visitors in mind.
Carole Ann created 8 new aprons so that we have plenty of extras to switch out during regular cleanings. Carole Ann and fellow Experience Coordinator Lindsay Kilgore modeled the new aprons to show that they fit (some) big kids, too! See more images of the process and finished product on Carole Ann’s blog.

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