Friday, October 16, 2009

Tales from Underland

Under where?
The Museum’s exhibit team – known as the “X-team” – has recently spent a lot of time discussing and finalizing plans for Underland, a new subterranean adventure that will open in the cave in The Children’s Garden next June. They even had a meeting where they set up some prototypes and murals in the cave to get a better sense of the physical space – and donned tails, to channel their inner creatures!
X-Team meets in the cave

As Carly Loeper, exhibit & program developer, explained:
“The process of pulling together Underland sketches and written descriptions and translating them into a mock reality in the actual space is a valuable and revealing one. You don't know if a shoe fits until you try it on and walk around a bit! This way we can picture how families will move through the space and see what elements we might grow, shrink or tweak. It was a great opportunity to get the X-Team into the environment to meld minds and then invite the whole Museum family in to learn more about the project and get excited!”
Other staff are invited to play

Another recent meeting found the X-Team surrounded by natural materials for inspiration. We’ve all begun collecting items that have fallen from the trees – like acorns, pinecones and chestnuts – to use in the exhibit. (You can be a part of Underland, too, by helping us gather natural items for play. Leave materials with the staff member at the Admissions Desk and we'll use them when the new exhibit opens in June!)
And the first wave of cave construction has begun. Chris, James, Hillel, Julianne and Annie worked hard to empty the cave of gravel last week to prepare it for the concrete foundation that will be poured on Monday.
James and Chris do the dirty work - literally.

The cave will be closed to visitors from now on as the early work continues… stay tuned for more developing news and tales!

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