Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Discovery Studio is Coming SOON!

Yesterday marked the closing of our second floor activity room (next to Littlewoods) for the installation of Discovery Studio, opening July 7. What was once an unadorned room will be transformed into a vibrant new space for children's open-ended art and science exploration over the next several weeks!
The painting crew hard at work.
Although the installation just started, the work has been under way for some time – many months have gone into planning what this new program space will look like and what activities will be offered, as well as fabricating new cabinets, shelving and other components.

Here's a look at the Discovery Studio inspiration boards created by the "X-Team" – the team that plans and designs the Museum's environments – for a prototyping meeting last fall (click to enlarge).

Program coordinators Carly Baumann and Mary Scott Hackman have a meeting to plan Discovery Studio activities.

Director of Education Cathy Saunders tests out some of our new blocks.

And a gorgeous concept drawing by Graphic Designer Valerie Haggerty-Silva.

Learn more about Discovery Studio in the Museum's summer newsletter, and stay tuned for a peek at the process of bringing the space to life.

And join the Thrive Drive, a new online fundraising effort, to support the creation of Discovery Studio!


amy @ kids in the studio said...

I'm really excited to see this. Am I right in thinking it was at least partly inspired by Reggio Emilia philosophy? Much of what I've read so far made me wonder, and I was hoping the interview in the newsletter would fill us in on the research and philosophical inspirations--maybe the rest will, when it's published here? I hope so!

Megan Fischer, Providence Children's Museum said...

Hi Amy - thanks for your interest! Check our most recent post for the full interview with our program developers, and more about the inspiration for Discovery Studio.