Thursday, June 30, 2011

Discovery Studio Takes Shape

Discovery Studio opens in one week! Now for a peek at the process of putting it together...

For months, Chris Sancomb (exhibit designer) and Hillel O'Leary (exhibit technician) have been hard at work in the Museum's shop building beautiful new cabinets, shelving and other Discovery Studio components.
Chris cuts materials for the entryway signage.
Hillel carves the "smock tree."
Meanwhile, program coordinators Carly Baumann and Mary Scott Hackman have been developing activities and getting supplies in order, while Valerie Haggerty-Silva (graphic designer) has been planning and prototyping Discovery Studio signage.
Prototype of entry signage.
Then came the work to disassemble the activity room,
get it painted with vibrant new colors,
and install new cork-patterned flooring.
This week, the cabinets and shelves were moved into place and the space is just about ready to be set up and stocked with an array of fabulous materials.
Also, our Discovery Studio tortoise arrived, courtesy of Dave Marchetti of Animal Experiences! More on this adorable creature later.
Check back for a look at the finishing touches!

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