Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Memories of Play (part 2)

Museum staff shared some of their best childhood play memories including these, of favorite outdoor and rainy day play.

During the long, awesome summer months, I almost exclusively played outside in the dirt with my Matchbox cars.  If it was rainy, then it would be Legos on the living room floor.  As an only child, I played by myself most of the time, so creating little worlds with cars and people was a great way to spend my days until school started.
– Tim, Experience Coordinator

My brothers and I used to collect a bucket full of the fallen seeds from our backyard tree. Then one of us would climb the tree and let the seeds all fall down like a swarm of helicopters. It took 20 minutes to fill the bucket and five seconds for them to fall and we would do it over and over.
– Shannon, Families Together Visitation Specialist

Summer vacation on a lake in south central British Columbia was fun, but my fondest childhood summer memories were playing hide and seek in our hayfield; and after it was cut, swinging out on a long rope and jumping into the hay from "high up" in the barn's loft.  A thrill!
– Jennifer, Director of Development

I remember playing house in the hollowed out section of a tree in my backyard with my neighborhood playmates.  We'd use pinecones and dirt for "dinner."  Our furniture?  Rocks and dead logs!  Imagination was our fuel for playing.
– Kassie, AmeriCorps Member

During the summer when I was little we shared a cabin on a lake in Maine with my cousins (and their grown-ups).  Most days we – the four kids – were thrown out of the house to swim, dig, climb and generally just ramble about.  But on rainy Mondays we piled into our massive bright orange car and went bowling.  Only on rainy Mondays.  Other rainy days we might have played board games or caused trouble inside, but if it rained on a Monday – bowling!  And, if we were good, a trip to the hobby shop followed for some new model rocket kits to build and launch the following weekend.
– Robin, Director of Exhibits

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