Thursday, October 25, 2012

Coming Soon: ThinkSpace!

ThinkSpace, a major new exhibit exploring spatial thinking, opens on Saturday, November 10! This dynamic environment will invite visitors to explore, imagine, create and experiment with shape and space through hands-on play and learning experiences:
  • Navigate mystery maze boxes using the senses to guide a ball through hidden twists and turns, and map the path it traveled. 
  • Create intricate kaleidoscopic designs by layering, ordering and rotating colorful cutout shapes in countless combinations. 
  • Experiment with shadows and scale, transforming 3-D objects into 2-D representations and creating imaginative shadow scenes. 
  • Solve the soma cube, a giant 3-D puzzle, by fitting together seven pieces to form a cube. Find one or more of 240 separate solutions! 
  • Construct domino chain reactions, negotiating spacing and alignment to topple series of spirals and zigzags. 
  • Explore a nook stocked with books about shape, navigation, and visual and spatial challenges. 
  • And try other vibrant puzzles, challenges, building activities, and more! 
Learn more about ThinkSpace and spatial thinking in the Museum’s fall newsletter, and check back to see photos of the process of prototyping, fabricating and installing the exhibit!

And join us for the ThinkSpace opening celebration, Saturday, November 10 - Monday, November 12 from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM; free with Museum admission.

ThinkSpace is supported by lead sponsor National Grid,
with additional support from June Rockwell Levy Foundation.

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