Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Things are changing – no bones about it!

It’s been a flurry of activity here over the past week as we get closer to the opening of ThinkSpace. Work has been underway for quite a while in our exhibit shop, offices and offsite, but now it has moved into the exhibit space.

Of course anytime we open a new exhibit, it means we need to let something go – that’s one of the challenges we face in trying to keep things fresh for our visitors. To create ThinkSpace, we chose to take out Bone Zone and Shape Space on the second floor because they were most in need of updates, although you’ll see some block building favorites incorporated into ThinkSpace (more on that later).

Deinstallation of those exhibits took place last week, as activity tables were moved out and ceiling shapes taken down.

Exhibit Designer Chris took apart the skeleton puzzle.

Crew member Zach and Exhibit Technician Hillel deconstructed the body systems and x-ray activities.
The final step was disassembling Fred, our bicycle-riding skeleton! In thinking about the thousands of children who have pedaled alongside him over the years, we really wish we'd had an odometer on the bike to track the miles traveled!
Exhibits Director Robin bids Fred farewell!

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