Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting Closer....

ThinkSpace is starting to look like a real (albeit plastic covered) exhibit! Check out some of the progress over the past few days...

The block area with completed mural and new flooring (in a spiral that comes from the Fibonacci pattern).
Testing out the size and placement of the intro label – the real ones will be much more colorful!
Hillel preps the maze wall that will be the backdrop of the mystery maze boxes activity.
Chris prepares panels for the entry sculpture, which is made from over 300 pounds of steel and will stand floor to ceiling when installed – an amazing visual to frame the ThinkSpace entrance.
Chris and Zach construct a sculptural "navigation" column that consists of four colorful stacked octahedra and will house a selection of fun hunts to do throughout the Museum.
X team members couldn't resist leaving their mark in the base of the column before it was built!
Chris and Hillel lay out carved wooden tiles, which will become the backboard of a geometric design activity.
The construction corridor! Hillel and Chris install the carved tiles at right, and the table at the left will be a kaleidoscopic designs station.
Hillel adds image panels to the "lenticular" wall. Once this is fully assembled, it will create an illusion of movement as its two images are viewed from different angles.

Just a few days left to go and many more exciting things to come!

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