Friday, November 9, 2012

The Finishing Touches...

We are just about ready to share ThinkSpace with the world! Here's a look at the final steps of the process over the past few days...
Hillel, Zach and Chris install a giant dodecahedron on the entryway sculpture. (You may recognize this scene from a similar photo in The Providence Journal this week.)
Fitting together a frame which will contain colorful blocks – puzzle pieces that form a giant cube.
Intern Marianne preparing the shape sorter, one of the exhibit's activities specifically for toddlers. (Interns have played a huge role in helping this exhibit come together – many thanks to Marianne, Robin, Allison, Kristen, Andrew and Eunice!)

Hillel installs the shape sorter.
Mounting many labels.
Graphic designer Valerie created absolutely gorgeous graphics for ThinkSpace – a mix of informational labels and intriguing images that support the exhibit content, give activities context by connecting them to real world experiences, and will inspire visitors' exploration.

Hillel prepares wooden beads for a bead maze.
The final step – Robin adds letters to the entry sculpture, bringing the ThinkSpace logo to life!

It's been months and months of planning, designing, prototyping, fabricating and just plain hard work by the exhibits team, and it was well worth it. Join us to celebrate the opening of our beautiful new ThinkSpace exhibit all weekend long, beginning tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM!

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