Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blown Glass On Display

The “geometry gallery” in ThinkSpace features changing displays of natural and man-made objects that provide strong visual representations of spatial thinking, highlighting shapes in everyday life and the designed environment. Discover the newest installation by artist Tracy Glover, who is known for her gorgeous glass lighting and decorative accessories. From Tracy’s website
“Her skill is first as expert craftsman, using time-honored Venetian glassblowing techniques. Then there is her color sense: playful, lighthearted, fresh; marrying hues in triplicate for her wonderful a cane striped patterns. She delights in the physicality of the glassmaking process, and the challenge of working with such a malleable, fragile material.”

“Spatial thinking is an intuitive understanding (a sense) of shape and space – it’s about coordinating concepts of shape, representation and reasoning, “ said Exhibits Director Robin Meisner. “The art of glassblowing involves spatial thinking throughout the process: thinking about and transforming shape, color and texture; evaluating and changing size and scale; creating patterns; and more. And the glass beads and their shadows are really lovely to look at!”

The beautiful blown glass beads by Tracy and team will be on view through the end of the year – be sure to take a close look!

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