Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monsters in Space

New in the lobby display case, a child’s imagination comes to life with make-believe monsters on an outer space adventure! Created by AmeriCorps members Faina Kostyukovsky and David Liu, the scenes incorporate a mixture of handcrafted items and objects from the Museum’s collections, including wooden dollhouse furniture.

Describing her inspiration, Faina explained, “I really liked the idea of mixing monsters, Where the Wild Things Are, a kid dreaming… I wanted to bring to life a kid’s dreams and inspiration and show important a child’s imagination is.”

About the left portion of the case, she added, “I wanted a stuffy, tacky Victorian room with a lot of patterns.”

David was the primary fabricator of the non-collections props, including monsters and musical instruments made from recycled materials. “Kids are getting excited, making up stories about what the monsters are doing,” he said. “It invites visitors to the Museum in a playful way."

Take a peek and discover all of the charming details on your next visit!

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