Friday, October 31, 2014

Water Ways: A Flurry of Activity

So much has happened in Water Ways in the last two weeks!

Artists Peter Geisser and Mika Seeger installed a stunning ceramic mural that will be a focal point of the exhibit – stay tuned for a peek at their process of making the mural as well as the finished product.

Chris (Museum exhibit designer & fabricator) and Nick (Museum exhibit technician) built and installed a new zigzag tank in the toddler play area.

Our team of water engineers connected the water system they installed in our basement to the tanks.

And then we finally had WATER – something rather important for a water exhibit!

AND mist!
A vortex and spigot wall in the toddler area.

An entryway made of colorful translucent waves plus vinyl swooshes added to the windows complement the look, feel and flow of the space.

Crew member James installed the slate painting wall – a repurposed chalkboard salvaged from an old schoolhouse.

And Chris and Nick mounted a high-up waterfall that will provide a constant gentle shower into the tank below.

Just ONE WEEK to go!

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