Thursday, November 6, 2014

Water Ways: The Final Surge

Members of our exhibit crew have whirled around Water Ways this week in a flood of activity, putting the finishing touches on our incredible new exhibit…

Crew member James and exhibit designer Chris making final adjustments to the tanks.

Graphic designer Valerie and Chris hanging gorgeous labels – lines of water poetry and vibrant images
of kids’ inspiring water play.

Dave Marchetti – the animal guy! – reinstalling our fish tanks.

Crew members Zach and Ian completing the artful entry waves, while James and Chris ready the smock wall.

Exhibits director Robin and researcher Suzy concocting pearlescent potions to swirl inside the “portholes”…

that are part of the wall Zach finalizes to separate the ice play table from the tank area.

James installing the toddler-height squeegee wall.

Plus LOADS of colorful loose parts!

It's been nearly two years of planning, designing, prototyping, fabricating and just plain hard work by the exhibits team and our partners, and it was well worth it. Join us to celebrate the opening of the amazing new Water Ways all weekend long, beginning Saturday at 9:00 AM!


Lily said...

The new Waterways looks great! I wish I was there in person to play. Miss you all!

Megan Fischer, Providence Children's Museum said...

Thanks so much, Lily - hope you're doing well!