Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lost and Found?

We have the most wonderfully playful staff. For example, see how one of our Experience Coordinators, Mandy, recently responded to a typical inquiry that came to our reception desk.
The inquiry:
I think we left my daughter's lovey at the museum yesterday. It is a very well loved stuffed dog puppet and it is very important to our family. Do you know if it's been found? It was probably left in the coat check around 3:15. Thanks!
The reply, with photo:
Your lovey is here with us, and is doing very well... in fact s/he's been very helpful with some of the morning's office work. We are open today and tomorrow, 9:00 AM-6:00 PM. Feel free to pick it up at the admissions desk anytime!
The reaction:
We are so delighted that DogDog enjoyed his day at the Museum. We assured Edie, DogDog's BFF, that of all the places he would be taken care of, the Museum was the place. Plus he couldn't find a more fun spot! We were sure he'd be frolicking in the water exhibit or bouncing around the Imagination Playground. We are so glad he was of some assistance around the office. At home he just lies around and eats bones. We look forward to seeing him before six tonight!

Thank you for taking such good care of DogDog,
Edie and her family

PS You guys are the best. I've been chuckling about this ever since you sent it and Edie cracked up.  -Edie's relieved mom

Clearly our visitors are pretty playful, too!

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