Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Metal Miniatures!

Come discover Metal Miniatures!, a charming collection of intricate miniatures located in the atrium walkway window boxes and handcrafted by talented metal artist Abraham Megerdichian (1923-1983).

From an elegant violin to an impressive set of trains, the delightful creations fashioned from solid blocks of metal are a testament to their maker's skill and humor.

The Megerdichian family is proud to share Abraham’s wonderful miniatures in museums around New England and loaned the collection for this display. “The miniatures made by my father are a tribute to the skill of a trained machinist combined with an artist’s eye and a generous man’s heart,” said his son, Robert Megerdichian.

Born in Franklin, MA to Armenian immigrants, Abraham lived and worked as a machinist for most of his life in Cambridge, MA. He often used his 20-minute lunch breaks to craft precious keepsakes as gifts for family and friends, including replicas of things that were special to kids – like his son Robert’s wagon. As his skills flourished, his creations became more complex, imaginative and humorous. Each of Abraham’s pieces is a unique and inspiring example of creativity and inventiveness.

Metal Miniatures! will be on display through April 27, so check them out on your next visit!

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