Friday, February 5, 2010

PlayWatch: The Things Kids Say...

Some wonderful kid comments overheard and shared by staff:

I was in Shape Space, building a house to set up the area, when a little girl came over to play. Instead of building something of her own, she’d say, “I have an idea!” and give me something to add to mine. By the end of it, we had a house with a chimney with smoke, bushes in the front, a tree in the back, a pool, a water slide, a slide, balls, an obstacle course, beds, people, a TV, a stage, and a rainbow. She was so excited about all of her ideas, saying, “Wow, I’m having a lot of good ideas today!”
Chelsea, Play Guide
While walking through the lobby and stopped at the admissions desk, I heard a child say very loudly, “Marcus’s body parts are gross!” and a bunch of kids started laughing. I did a double take and headed over to peek around the corner and see what was going on. About 6 boys were in front of the mirrors making a pyramid 3-2-1 style and seeing how they looked at the different levels of height and distortion. Wow!
Denise, Development Associate

A 4-year-old girl walked in the front door in front of her parents. Her jaw dropped, her eyes got wide: “Wow…this place is BEAUTIFUL!”

Hannah, Experience Coordinator
A 3-year-old boy walked into Iway from the ramp and walked slowly forward, inspecting the cars, bridge, boat and pictures. He looked back at his parents, who were just catching up and said: “It’s everything I need. I guess I’ll see you later.”
Laura, Experience Coordinator

A boy (about 9) came over to the Talk Shape activity in Shape Space and said, “Hey, these are pattern blocks – I know these!” He then built a little structure and showed it to me. “Look,” he said, “I made that from my imagination!” He turned to his grandma and said, “The key is that you have to use your imagination!”

Carole Ann, Experience Coordinator

An older kid (maybe 10) was working on a long fountain project in Water Ways, trying to get the large pipe pieces to feed into the volcano tube. After he finished, he proclaimed,” I am a scientist of good art, and this is a work of art.”

Paul, Play Guide

Do you have any favorite quotable kid moments? Please share!

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