Friday, February 19, 2010


The marionettes are not our only vibrant new display - we recently welcomed “Colors!” to the ramp boxes in our atrium walkway.

“Colors!” first debuted in 2006, conceived and developed by former Museum AmeriCorps member Rhiannon Lee. Her vision was to fill each box with an eclectic grouping of different items, all of the same color. The concept was reintroduced with all-new displays created by current AmeriCorps members Erin Murphy and Katie Migliaccio, who work offsite running Museum programs at the Kent County YMCA as well as facilitate play in our exhibits and programs.
Here’s what Erin and Katie had to say about their process and the end result:

Katie: “We selected different items from the Museum’s basement. That was the most fun. We found bubble wrap, beads, animals, tin foil, etc. We spent many hours down there!”

Erin: “We tried to gather items of all different sizes, shapes, and textures. Arranging the items was the best part! Our goal was to make each design look like the pages of an "I Spy" book. We wanted children to be able to stare at each scene and find all of its hidden details.”
Be sure to take a peek at “Colors!” next time you visit.

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