Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arabian Nights

We’re very excited to have a brand new display in our marionette case, thanks to talented and resourceful artist Megan Jeffery of Seekonk - a RISD graduate with a BFA in Illustration. Megan explored the Museum’s collection of over 70 antique marionettes handcrafted by the late Betty Huestis and six of the marionettes prompted a new take on an old legend.

In Megan’s words:

Trying to come up with a new story for one thousand and one nights is a tall order! So who’s to say that Scheherazade didn’t tell these compelling tales?
  • The Air-Surfing Sheik & His Magic Carpet Surfboard
  • The Camel Who Enjoyed Wearing a Fez
  • The Belly Dancing Elephant
  • The Most “Charm”-ing of Monkeys (or How Snake Got the Last Word)”
Betty Huestis’s attention to detail in her marionettes’ fabrics and trims inspired Megan’s own embellishments to flesh out the tale, including “carpets” from an old fabric sample book and sequins from recycled dance costumes.

Visit Megan’s blog for a series of posts that provide a detailed, fascinating and funny behind-the-scenes look at her process, complete with plenty of photos:

A big thanks to Megan for creating such a magical display, and for documenting and sharing the process with us. Click here to check out the previous marionette exhibit and to learn more about Betty Huestis and her work.

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