Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nori in the Snow

Nori the dragon looks a little surprised – and chilly – from
his post atop the Children's Museum, wearing a snowy cap

and perhaps freezing his tail off!

It might be a long winter...

Friday, December 12, 2008

This I Believe

Museum Director Janice O'Donnell recorded an essay about her belief in the power of play for the This I Believe - Rhode Island program on WRNI, our NPR station. It aired recently and you can listen to it through WRNI's website. Janice shared the following in a recent email:

I've received some nice feedback on the WRNI piece. I love that it compelled people to share their own play memories and reflections! Here are some:

Hello Janice
Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your essay on play on WRNI. It reminded me of my childhood play with my neighborhood friends exploring in the woods and creating a museum in my friends garage of all the things we found in nature. Toys were unneccessary to our creativity and enjoyment. My children were fortunate to have that experience, as well. We lived in a neighborhood with a cul de sac around the corner filled with 8 - 12 children of various ages. They always found inventive and imaginative ways to play using nature as their tool box.

Dear Janice,
I listened in this morning and thought it was wonderful. I love that the segment has individuals present their own work. It makes it so much more alive and meaningful. Of course, I especially enjoyed your sharing today.
we enjoyed hearing your essay. thanks for not mentioning your cousin who always wanted to be a lamb. MGS

Janice, loved your piece on "play." Brought back golden sprinkled memories of childhood in New England forests, streams and fields. Skating and hockey on frozen ponds, paths leading to "monsters" surely, caves that could become small houses - good grief, so wondrous. I am sad that my grandchildren spend all of their after-school hours in homework, if not already involved in organized activities. One of my children, an msw married to a psychologist, has managed to effect changes in the homework requirements of the school their daughter attends. It was a monumental job but they are satisfied with the result and feel that parents have to become involved in order to free their kids from the competition that should NOT begin in first grade! Thanks for the lovely trip back to my child, who is still there in this 76 year old person! Roberta

These photos, by Susan Sancomb, are on display in the
Museum's new Play Power exhibit.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The "Big Kids" Have Their Say...

Kids love Play Power, but so do the grown-ups! Arielle, one of the Museum's Experience Coordinators, proudly demonstrated last week that she's learned three songs on our new musical pipes: "Mary Had a Little Lamb," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Hot Cross Buns." (Next time you're at the Museum, I'm sure she'll be happy to share!)

Adults and older children have had fun responding to the talk-back board in Play Power, which asks, "What was a special place where you played?" Here's what they've had to say:

Merideth, another Experience Coordinator, is encouraging the Museum's staff and volunteers to reflect on the great play that they're seeing in our new exhibit. She posted the following in the staff kitchen:

I'm sure there will be more great stories to come. What have YOU seen with the dome, or elsewhere in Play Power? Leave us a comment!