Friday, September 12, 2008

Moving On Out, Part I – Days 9 & 10

The work of moving the exhibits was finished over the last few days as Teeth! was, well, yanked out. Deinstallation began with Matt removing Big Mouth's shoes and the rest came quickly from there.

The painting crew (Virginia & Margaret) moved into the space formerly known as Pets & People and began to work their colorful magic.

The funny mirrors were removed for painting, the kaleidoscope was toppled to be redesigned for Play Power, and the photo wall in the Story Center was repositioned to provide window access.

And then something that caught me by surprise – it looks like Elizabeth Mott has packed up and moved out because her house and yard have been emptied for refurbishing. Even the cow has wandered – but rumor has it that he will be coming home!

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