Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things, They Are A-Changin'! - Day 2

Building exhibits for a children's museum presents a unique challenge. Not only should they be interactive and visually engaging learning environments, they must also be built with safety and sturdiness in mind - to withstand a great deal of wear and tear and, in many cases, the weight of both kids and grown-ups! That being said, our exhibits weren't exactly built to move. And many of them, particularly those on the 2nd floor, are built right against the windows - think about Littlewoods and the galleries in Coming to Rhode Island. Since everything must move 3 feet from the windows, some of our exhibits are undergoing substantial changes.

Despite the challenges of removing permanent exhibits, these changes are happening relatively quickly. Every time I walk by, new pieces have moved and things are in places you'd never expect. Day 2 brought these developments:

Littlewoods was transformed from a woodland environment to a bit of a jungle!

Which Kelly and Arielle just had to explore

Loose pieces from all of the exhibits were gathered to be inventoried

And our crew began to dismantle the Nellie May. Believe me, this ship won't be sailing anytime soon!

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