Thursday, September 25, 2008

Windows are DONE! – Days 21-23

The masons continue their detailed repairs to the brickwork, moving from South Street (where the Museum sign had to be taken down and moved inside) to the front of the building over the past few days.

The last few windows were removed on Monday & Tuesday – in Iway and Activity Room 2 – allowing for an up close & personal look at Nori.

Which means that window removal has wrapped up and now the building looks like this:(Nori says: "Whoa!" So do the staff!)

What's happening inside? The extensive painting continues, including the wavy mirrors, and there's lots of cleaning to do to remove the window replacement debris. Exhibit rebuilding is well underway. The Littlewoods cave was moved back into place and the treehouse is a work in progress. The floors of the mill and ship were refinished and are looking shiny & beautiful, ready to be built upon again. So far, so good!

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Carla said...

All this progress makes me miss the place even more! I'll be back in PVD in November, so I sure hope I can stop by and see all the new developments. Tell everyone I say hello!!!
-Carla Thacker