Monday, September 15, 2008

Moving On Out, Part II - Days 10 & 11

Window work continues surprisingly quickly. The crew moved from the side to the front to the back of the building, replacing windows in seemingly random order. But there is a rhyme and reason to it all – they have to install the new windows in the order they come out of the storage bin!

And speaking of moving... The window crew got to the windows in the administrative offices on Thursday, so staff began to be displaced.

Some, like Exhibit Designer Chris Sancomb, stuck it out while Alcidia and others sought new places to work.

And the exhibit team (known as the "X-team") took their meeting to the garden.
Friday brought more painting, more window removal, building of some new walls, and some festivities – a staff lunch to celebrate the accomplishments of the last two weeks. (Note the yellow "caution" tape stretching across the room overhead!)

After lunch, Director of Operations Marvin Ronning, Janice O'Donnell and Chris Sancomb took a moment to look thoughtfully into the distance from one of the missing second story windows. (We're working hard and we REALLY miss the kids – we sorely needed an infusion of silliness and playtime by the end of the week!)

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