Monday, September 29, 2008

Top 10 Reasons We Miss the Kids!

We're now at the halfway point in the time that we're closed, and we REALLY, truly miss the kids and families. Of course there are far more than 10 reasons, but here are some of the things we miss most:

1. It's too darn quiet around here!

Carly: "I miss the little unexpected, gleeful cries when walking from place to place."

Arielle: "I miss the funny stories and conversations with kids."

Nancy: "I'd rather hear laughing than buzz saws!"

2. Water Ways is completely dry – no pumping, splashing, squirting – it's unnatural!

3. No knocks, smiles and waves at the office windows.

4. We miss seeing the families playing and giggling together in front of the wavy mirrors!

5. Seeing delighted faces at the admissions desk as kids run excitedly into the building.

6. The wonder and awe as children learn or discover something new.

7. The joyful noise at the Junk Music Station in the garden.

8. The excitement as kids run (and roll!) down the ramp.

9. The quiet moments, like when we happen upon a family tucked into a corner to share a story.

10. Ok, it has to be said - we miss EVERYTHING! Seeing happy children and families laughing and exploring together brings big smiles to our faces and is a daily reminder of why we all do what we do.

Janice: "I miss their voices, their footsteps, their laughter,
their adorableness, their learning and their joy – I MISS THEM!"

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