Thursday, October 2, 2008

Offsite Adventures, Part I

There's obviously lots of action taking place at the Museum right now, but that's not the whole story. With all of the painting, building renovations, and changes to existing exhibits going on here, there's not much extra space to build Play Power, our new exhibit.

So exhibit designer Chris Sancomb works in Providence by day and at his offsite workshop in West Kingston in the evenings and on weekends to build components for Play Power – yes, he's VERY busy right now! Having the other shop more than doubles the work space, which is great because there's a lot to do. Play Power pieces in progress at the shop right now include:

One-of-a-kind musical pipes,

several activity tables, where kids will explore light, magnets and try a variety of interactives,

grid with tubing for the Air Play area,

and creature columns! These will be created from a series of tiles hand-sculpted by artist Jillian Barber, which Chris then molds in rubber and recasts. Here are a few photos of the amazing process!

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