Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Play Power is...

At long last, after 8 weeks of extensive renovations – removing windows, deinstalling and reinstalling exhibits, painting, sanding, recarpeting, and building Play Power – the Museum finally reopened at 9 AM. And our first visitors arrived a few minutes later and immediately ran into Play Power, where they stayed for the next 4 hours! (With a short snack break, of course.) Build-a-maze was a big hit, as was Air Play and the Musical Pipes. OK, they seem to like it all so far!

Museum staff gathered around and eagerly watched children enjoying the new exhibit. They'll continue to watch, especially Carly and Chris, the exhibit's developer and designer, and other members of the exhibit team (the X-team). Through close observation over the next few weeks and more, they'll see how kids are using the exhibit components, determine what's working, and evaluate what adjustments need to be made – and I'll share updates about their discoveries and the interesting conversations we're all having.

The exhibit may be ready for visitors, but the Play Power process continues!

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