Friday, October 17, 2008

Play Power Progresses! – Days 46 & 47

Chris started bringing Play Power exhibit components from his shop in West Kingston to the Museum this week and, now that the recarpeting is done, the exhibit installation is really getting going. Here's an image of the Play Power model, created by Chris and Valerie, to give everyone a sense of what's what and (roughly) how it'll look when it's all done:

The parts that arrived this week included the units that will hold foam blocks inside the play dome and also pieces of the musical pipes, which Chris and crew began to assemble on Friday. On Saturday, they started installing the grid for the tubing in the Air Play area – shown here, with Janice behind bars! – and also worked on the frame that'll hold the play dome in place.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Museum... Karen Lambe and Diana Jackson got Estrella dressed again, in her festive fall attire. PaintMaster Margaret (shown below with Erin) continued her amazing work by repainting more walls, exhibit components in Bone Zone, the area around the fish tanks in Water Ways... by the time this is all over, she'll have completed an unprecedented 350 hours of painting-related work – WOW!

And I took a break from taking pictures to do some sanding and painting of Shape Space tables today – I was missing out on all the fun!

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