Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting it Together – Days 35-37

Our various crews are working like crazy to put the Museum back together again. As of now, reinstallation of the ship is nearly finished, and the Gift Shop has been painted and merchandise is being restored to the shelves.

Much progress was made in Water Ways this week as well – the wave cave was reassembled and colorful panels put back on the walls. Up next: getting Elizabeth Mott's house & yard finished so she can settle back in. She'll have to wander a bit to gather her cow – he's now hanging out in Iway, by the disassembled crane!

As for Play Power, the past few days brought some experimentation with labels for the new exhibit – thinking about color, size, shape and placement. Valerie placed some vinyl letters on the now brightly colored walls so the exhibit team could compare and contrast.

And a funny sight in Littlewoods – this bear either misses the kids terribly or is having trouble coping/keeping up with all the changes around him. We can relate on both counts!

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