Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cutting Rugs – Days 43 & 44

We started covering ourselves up again on Tuesday and our new carpet is almost fully installed. We have some beautiful new colors – blue upstairs, green on the ramp, and a combination of green, blue and beige in Play Power, arranged strategically to complement the placement of various exhibit components. I know, carpet is probably not a compelling topic to most people, but check it out!

And next: this vibrant green carpet will become Elizabeth Mott's new lawn.
Not impressed? Look how much some of our staff appreciate the new floor coverings!
Arielle kisses the ground the kids haven't
(yet) walked on
(Caption courtesy of Janice O'Donnell)
and Carly's on a roll!

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Annie Huynh said...

I can't contain myself with all the changes! I will definitely come visit!