Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Windows, Windows Everywhere! – Days 14 & 15

Alright, maybe everyone's heard enough about windows already – but the soothing sounds of glass breaking and metal cutting have been such a constant part of our lives over the past few weeks! The windows in the administrative offices are nearly finished and most staff have moved back into their spaces. In fact, it looks like all windows will be done by the end of the day Monday, which means the work of rebuilding the exhibits can begin next week. Here are some more scenes from yesterday:
A bin full of old windows


(Ok, not really... And rest assured, Nori will not be harmed in the replacement of these windows, as one visitor inquired a few weeks ago. He's just hanging in there, watching over everything.)

And in non-window news, Dave Marchetti of Animal Experiences removed the fish from their tanks on Monday in preparation for the installation of new aquariums. We learned that our newts have lived here for 11 years, exceeding their anticipated life expectancy in this environment. Maybe the swirling, squirting, splashing rhythm of Water Ways keeps them young? It works for the rest of us!

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