Monday, September 15, 2014

Water Ways Transformation Begins

Work on Water Ways is well underway! It has been for quite a while, actually – the exhibits team has been fabricating new components and furniture in the Museum’s workshop and partners have been working with us to create new tanks and water activities offsite. (More on that later.)

The big changes to the environment itself began this month, with demolition of the tanks, wave cave, cabinets and more, then prepping the space – cleaning, building new walls and painting the entire room.

Some scenes of the process so far:

Taking apart the wave cave.
Staff survey the demolition.
The last tank is removed.
A nearly empty room!
New walls, fresh paint.

Up next: new flooring and new water filtration and mechanical systems before the installation of Water Ways tanks and components can begin – stay tuned!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Water Ways Farewell

Last week, Museum staff and visitors bid a very fond farewell to Water Ways (version 1.0).

The last kids to play in Water Ways gave it a fitting sending off – lots of pumping, splashing and laughter as water shot high into the air.

Staff also enjoyed some fun-filled final moments of water play.

After more than 16 years, we all share so many wonderful (and wet!) memories of Water Ways.

What about YOU? Visit our Facebook page to share favorite memories, stories and photos of Water Ways.

And stay tuned for scenes of making Water Ways version 2.0!

"Goodbye wave"

Monday, September 1, 2014

Coming This Fall: A Whole New Water Ways!

An entirely renovated, reimagined Water Ways environment will transform Providence Children’s Museum with torrents of fun this fall!  Visitors of all ages will splash, explore and discover imaginative all-new water play:

  • Transform the size and shape of billowing mist and water domes 
  • Send objects spiraling and twisting through vortexes 
  • Connect pipe pieces to form fountains that funnel the flow of mist and water 
  • Investigate and sculpt crushed ice using a variety of tools 
  • “Paint” watery designs on a large slate wall 
  • Explore an expanded toddler play area with balls, ramps and spigots
  • And MUCH more!

After 16 years and more than 2 million visitors, Water Ways closes for renovations on September 2 and the brand-new space opens November 8.  Stay tuned for stories and photos of reinventing Water Ways!

Illustrations by Valerie Haggerty-Silva